Emotional return or love return?


Many people confuse these two terms, or associate them by mistake. Indeed, the emotional return is different from the love return. It is for this reason that there is an emotional return ritual and a loving return ritual.

The difference concerns the person to whom it is addressed. Indeed, the emotional return (also called return of affection), consists in bringing back  affectively  loved one. Therefore, it will be a child, friend, relative or other person. To sum up, there is no notion of love in terms of a couple. We will retain the notion of affection. 

The return in love, as for him, and as its name suggests, implies the notion of love. It consists in recovering the loved one. It aims to restore harmony in a couple, to find the love of his spouse or his ex, of a woman or a man, even of a lover ...

It is true that using the wrong term presents no problem when calling on a Mage, because the latter will necessarily perform the correct ritual. However, a novice will have no result if he makes an emotional return by wanting to get his ex back (or, on the contrary, if he makes a love comeback by wishing to find a friend).

Its operation

Only the Magus,  specialist in white magic, is able to practice a powerful return of affection. However, a novice can do this ritual himself, which is available for free on this site (he will only have to get a little material and a few ingredients, all this will not cost him dearly). I would like to point out that this is not a professional ritual, but a ritual for beginners. Therefore it is simplified and therefore less powerful.

For emotional feedback to work, the Mage uses a support. This is usually one or more photos of the people involved. In addition, some use other information and various ingredients. For example, the dates of birth, the date of separation, the length of the relationship and the distance between the two people are used to reinforce the power of the spell. In addition, some rituals include something belonging to the person to be returned: a jewel, a hair, a nail ... Finally, know that it is possible to work only with the photo of the requesting party, as long as it is this is recent. This is called "  the dagyde method  », It is about a wax figurine which replaces the photograph of the person to be brought back.

Finally, the Mage decides how many rituals to perform. Indeed, it is possible to accumulate up to 3 rituals in a row (one per evening). It will depend on the situation, the receptivity of people and other parameters. Doing more than 3 rituals is usually useless, the results will not be better.

The truth about returning affection

I will not open here the debate aimed at discrediting the work of professionals in white magic. There are some very good, some not so good, and others who should not be practicing, as in all professions. To summarize :

YES , emotional feedback does exist and it actually works. The hundreds of reviews and testimonials you will find on my site prove it.

YES , the result is lasting. The person found does not leave at the end of the spell, nor after. However, it is up to the applicant to ensure that the relationship continues thereafter.

NO , the return of the loved one does not act against a person's will. My works correspond to white magic. As a result,  it is about the use of energies and magnetism that each of us possesses. Magnetism exists, it has been demonstrated for years. I use it to direct one person to another, nothing more.  

NO , the person does not remain spellbound, nor controlled, because it is neither voodoo, nor  black magic.

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