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The purpose of disenchantment (or release) is to cleanse the body and mind of a person with black magic through a ritual. The body thus freed from bad vibrations regains its energy and all its capacities.

There are 5 solutions to bewitched, they depend on the type of bewitchment suffered and its degree  intensity:

  1. The ritual of  free disenchantment  : do it yourself, it is useful in cases of light bewitchments. Indeed, the amateur can perform a ritual of disenchantment. It does not carry any risk because it is white magic. In the best case scenario, the symptoms of black magic will go away. Unfortunately, it happens frequently that they reappear in the following weeks because no ritual intended for beginners provides sufficient protection against powerful dark witchcraft. Therefore, in order to  remove black magic for sure, I recommend calling in a specialist.

  2. the  lead disenchantment  : it is the most common, it is used for the disenchantment of a person at a distance (spell level 1 and 2). As in all rituals, it will include the photo of the person concerned, ingredients (candles, incense, disenchantment filter, stones, etc.) and an incantation (prayer at the end of a ritual).

  3. the  disenchantment with salt  : used to unenchant a place (bad luck on a house, room, cellar, attic ...)

  4. the  disenchantment by fire  : it is necessary when the spell is very powerful (spell level 3). Only a specialist in white magic or high magic can unsnap a person with fire.

  5. Finally, the  disenchantment in love  helps a person to separate from their spouse.

The return to the sender of witchcraft

Thanks to an effective disenchantment, it is possible to send back the evil, the return to the sender is also called "  law of the triple return  "

Indeed, it is possible to return the evil on the person having cast a black magic spell (or the one having ordered it). However, free disenchantment rituals do not include return to sender because triple return can only be performed by a professional. You need to have a good knowledge of  witchcraft  to determine what type of spell was used so that it can be negated and reversed.

What are the symptoms of a black magic spell?

The physical and psychological symptoms of black magic


  • Generalized fatigue: heavy legs, fatigue, stiffness, feeling of back pain

  • Tightness and pain in the solar plexus - Fragile sleep - Persistent headaches

  • Sexual problems

  • Anxiety for no particular reason - Frequent depression

  • Sensation of bites on the body (neck, limb) especially during a full moon

  • Repeated nightmares, dreams of death

Social symptoms and other signs of black magic


  • Frequent disputes  : friends, relatives and colleagues move away,

  • Irritability  : a nothing triggers a black anger,

  • A working knowledge of black magic or voodoo,

  • Objects that change place or disappear.

  • Electric problem

  • Frequent breakdowns (car, household appliances, TV, etc.)

  • Abnormal noises, especially at night ...

What are the symptoms of a black magic spell?

Are you really spellbound? The test

It should be noted that the signs of bewitching black magic can be confused with a state of fatigue, stress, or depression. This is the reason why it is important, first of all, to consult a doctor in order to have a medical opinion. Indeed, white magic can in no way replace medicine.

Subsequently, it will be possible to respond to the  spell test  to determine if you are showing signs of a black magic spell. Be  sincere in your answers so that this test of bewitchment is as precise as possible because the disenchantment of a person is not a trivial act. Whatever the result of this test, know that there is always a solution  : in most cases, a simple disenchantment from a distance will suffice.

The free disenchantment ritual

The free do-it-yourself spell is used when the spell is level 1.  A beginner can then perform a disenchantment ritual for himself or for another person. This does not involve any risk because it is  white magic .

In the case of a release for another person, the ritual and the disenchantment filter will be identical, only the photo and the incantation will change.  If the disenchantment works, the person will feel better quickly. Then she will be totally disenchanted 30 days after the last ritual, that is to say, she will no longer present any symptoms of black magic.

It should be noted that there are no side effects after a disenchantment. In addition, a free release ritual comes with strong protection. However, it will always be less effective than a lead disintegration performed by a specialist.

My disenchantment rituals from a distance

If you think you have been bewitched (or a loved one), and you do not wish to perform a disenchantment ritual yourself, then I can help you.

To start, I invite you to take the free spell test on this site. Depending on the results obtained, you can take  contact  using the form or by email.

Then, I will let you know what are the elements to provide me (photos, date of birth, others…) in order to carry out a first study (free) to determine precisely if you are the object of a black magic spell. Finally, if it is possible for me to help you, I will offer you 1 to 3 disenchantment rituals which will pay off.

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