12 janvier 2020




Le FA est à la fois science et divinité présidant au destin de l’homme. Il est un livre ouvert sur le passé, le présent et l’avenir, enseignant à l’homme ses liens profonds avec la nature, tout en lui dispensant, grâce aux contes allégoriques liés à chaque arcane, une grande et très profonde sagesse existentielle. Le FA est certes, une géomancie, une technique divinatoire, mais c’est là un aspect mineur des choses. Le FA est avant tout, une voie de connaissance, une doctrine initiatique. Il est facile de s’apercevoir rapidement que le prêtre du FA ( le Bokonon) n’est pas un vulgaire. Sa science , son comportement et sa sagesse en fait un homme à part.

Le FA aide l’homme auquel il se reflète à mieux se comprendre et entrevoir le destin au travers d’une vision plus lumineuse. Ce qui pourrait l’aider à agir sur tous les plans avec plus de sciences, d’efficacité et de sagesse. A la grande noces des civilisations, que laisse présager la nouvelle ère au début de laquelle nous sommes, l’Afrique des traditions ésotériques aura beaucoup à apporter l’humanité. Au stade actuel de l’évolution de l’humanité, l’homme a besoin de savoir pour agir et le FA est la seule science divinatoire actuelle pouvant révéler l’avenir tout en se proposant d’aider l’homme à y faire face par des moyens appropriés. Par le FA et à travers le FA s’ouvrent à l’homme de nouvelles perspectives, il peut sinon changer son destin ou du moins le modifier dans le sens du mieux pour mieux se connaître et mieux s’assumer.


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09 janvier 2020

Illuminati 666 one person for the wealthy of the whole familly

Illuminati 666 initiated in the Illuminati member and get everything you need to change your life.

Illuminati 666


Illuminati 666 Unlike other organizations of masters of the world (Freemasons, Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion, Order of Malta, etc.), the Illuminati are not just a "club of influence".

It is an organization whose true character is hidden. Political or economic leaders present themselves to the public as eminently rational and materialistic people.

But the public would be surprised to learn that some of these people participate in the ceremonies of bizarre, in secret societies continue the worship of the Egyptian and Babylonian gods: Isis, Osiris, Baal, Moloch or Semiramis.

 Illuminati has always been considered the most powerful sect existing on earth. Thus, each member of the Illuminati always has a very high financial level and an international reputation.

All the members of the Illuminati are wealthy gathered and have a reputation of international renown:

artist, football player, politician or multi-billionaire etc…. However, many people around the world do not know how the Illuminati members are doing to make their fortune so remarkable.

But yet, they do have a secret that gives to each member who initiates their sect. However, you do not necessarily require an Illuminati member. I can help you sign the Wealth and Power Pact without necessarily being an Illuminati member.

Do you want to become very rich, famous or dominant in life? so now you have the opportunity to fully initiate in the illuminati member and get everything you need to change your life

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25 décembre 2019


                               HOW TO FIND A 100% EFFICIENT MEDIUM MARABOUT IN FRANCE


Professor FANDI has the exceptional powers of Marabout clairvoyance that can help you see more clearly your daily worries in the area of ​​love, divorce, the agent, work and business.

Great magic rituals of competent healers of Professor Peter FANDI will accompany you in a total success and will restore you smile
At the touch of her voice, you will feel her incredible supernatural gift that holds secrets and ancestral knowledge

Professional orientation
Taking exams
Successful competition
Driving license successful
Nothing happens in your life despite your efforts to get away from it
Do you suffer a spell? or you have a blockage?
Are you possessed by night husbands?
You want to be loved by your bosses?
You want to attract the love of a man or a woman?
You want to return your ex?
Do you want to have custody of your children after the divorce?
Do you want solutions to resolve family conflicts?
Want to get your papers or visa for traveling?

I work tirelessly on all your problems, even in the most desperate cases. Magic, voodoo sorcery, African rituals and rituals are rooted in my genes.
The results I got for my patients are always positive. My pairs recognize me as one of the greatest middle marabouts in France of the last 10 years. Indeed, by consulting me, you have about 99.99% chance of succeeding your rituals and your consultations.

THe most powerfull voyance is with master fandi  voodoo


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 Image search result for "lovers"

 You are real friends and a very great complicity between you. But gradually you realize that your feelings of friendship turns. And now you want ardently exceed this friendly stadium. The situation is really disturbing because sometimes your partner seems to open the game of seduction and sometimes distanced. It sometimes seems also possessive and jealous. You do not know how to interpret his behavior . You are very hesitant because a misstep could permanently harm your friendship. However, you are convinced that your feelings are confirmed every day.

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 I am here to help you remove the myth of poverty from your head and help you unlock the secrets of abundance and wealth My name is stone fandi born of a father, a great marabout hunter and a mother naturally clairante.on this I combine the powers of my late father and my late mother to solve the problems of life: to be lucky, since when you are unlucky nothing will work in your life


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Magic wallet that multiplies money

Black magic and african voodoo, suit case or portefolio with the great marabout Fandi

Magic wallet that multiplies money


 In the greatest concern to help many people to solve the financial problems, and their debt towards their creditor, master magician of the black box brings out finally the article of wealth called multiplier of This is a magical magnetic article that is discovered as a result of numerous searches of more than 200 magi avatars, African wizards, Hindu Egyptians in the invisible worlds. This article is designed to attract pure silver from 5,000 to 10,000 € per person. day and this for 3 days renewable.The said articles is accompanied by magic words to attract money
Attracts a lot of money always full of bank notes. The magic wallet makes it very famous and rich, without totems and without human sacrifices, without distinction of sex, religion, race. It also has the ability to protect you against the waste of money, effective against losing money with a Talisman it contains will attract you abundance and prosperity such as a magnetic magnet Dimensions: 10 x 14 cm. Once this wallet is in your possession I will give you the procedure to follow followed by the magic word that accompanies it.

 For any information please contact me at the following address

Great medium FANDY

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Ritual of Black Magic to Attract Money and Efficient Wealth

Ritual of Black Magic to Attract Money and Efficient Wealth | Return affection, bewitchment love, find love, magic become rich - Grand Master marabout voodoo FANDY - Seeing Medium - PAPA VODOU fandy
Ritual of Black Magic to Attract the Money and Wealth of the Master Marabout FANDY This is a truly potent black magic ritual for having money. A good time for a spell to attract money is a full moon night where the energies are at the highest.

Rituel de magie noire pour attirer l'argentThe ingredients for this black magic ritual to attract money: a white candle, 13 coins of the same value, matches. Performing the Black Magic Ritual to Get Money and Get Rid of Poverty Black Magic to Get Money Take 13 coins of equal value. All coins must be minted in the odd year. Light the candle with the matches.
Put all the coins between the palms of your hands and shake them. Then throw the coins on the table. Collect all the coins, falling by one pile and shake again and throw them on the table. Do so until a room remains.

If during the last stage, there is no room left by the stack, then, you have to do the ritual in another day. Say the magic formula to always have money three times out loud. Turn off the candle.

Put this last coin in your wallet and never spend it to attract money. Magic formula of ritual to always have money: The spell will manifest in a fortnight.

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24 décembre 2019

Allongemement of penis grace to puissant huile gankpotchi maitre marabout voyant fandy

Allongemement of penis grace to puissant huile gankpotchi maitre marabout voyant fandy


118058534I swear to you that 90% of the cases of infidelity observed in the women or in the hearths are due to the premature ejaculation, or of sexual weaknesses: And it is to not reach this point I miss this powerful product

This product ensures the development of Penis in length and width
Powerful Sexual Exciting
Increases Blood Flow Penis
Gives Tone and Sexual Performance
Give a Repetition Iron Erection
Fortifies Nerves and Erectile Muscles
Gives terrible feelings to the woman
The largest active natural sex 100% plants. this product gives a meteoric erection and a very developed sexual appetite to men who like to make long-lasting love (from 1h to 4h of time). With its erectile iron effect, make memory penetrations
Instructions for use: Regular and gentle massage of the Penis until the complete absorption of the oil morning and evening after the shower.
Do not rinse Penis after application.

your medium of love affaires is great master marabout FANDI of benin but also recognise by all the world,france,america,suize-suisse,canada,bhutan,....

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I am here to teach you the stages of life and erase the myth of poverty



mamiMyth of the poverty of your head: when you are a man you are called to marry and take care of the child of others who will be your wife to make children , to instruct them, and all the other needs of life, how to do it when we know that life is not easy these days and to feed ourselves is not easy, contact the coach the very powerful spiritual master African true marabout seeing fandi

Ihave many ways to help you to get quickly money

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puissant sort dargenthere is the demontration of the magic purse that produce all bank-note

Black magic and african voodoo, suit case or portefolio with the great marabout Fandi

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BEDOUL OR MONEY MONEY MONEY, it is a magnetized wallet that attracts money from 2500 € to 8000 € per day.

Attracts a lot of money ° Always full of banknotes ° Rends very famous and rich ° Rends prosperous and very powerful ° Is without totems and sacrifices ° Protege against the waste of money ° Is not a pact to report, nor alliance with the devil.

This wallet out of a bucket of genies will serve as a protective shield very effective against the loss of money and the Talisman it contains will attract you abundance and prosperity such as a magnet magnet Dimensions: 9 x 12 cm .

Once this wallet is in your possession it will be able to multiply the sum that will be in times (x) 7 (if you put 10000FCFA or 100 $ or 500 € for one day

Have you ever had a time when you have enough work and suffer before finding the money? You have already run out of money and you are unable to pay even a bread to feed your family, You have already arrived a time where all the world gets away from you because you are poor and miserable simply because you miss money.

 Well, thanks to this powerful and mysterious LAXMI mystic suitcase that multiplies money, you will not need to work before earning money, you will not need to suffer anymore before winning your peace because you will have a real slot machine in your house.
However, the mystic suitcase of Laxmi is a very powerful suitcase designed since the dawn of time by the ancient Persian magi. Thanks to this suitcase, the ancient magi kings were very rich and prosperous he has all he wants on the financial and economic plan. With this powerful mystic suitcase, you just have to get this bag and put the sum of your choice inside and closed for 3 days. On the third day, you open the suitcase and you will see that the amount of money you put inside will be multiplied by an inconsiderable number of money.

 you can put any amount of money inside then the suitcase will start to multiply the sum in a way never seen.

 you can multiply your sum up to 850,000,000 in the currency of your country. thanks to this powerful suitcase, you will be very powerful and prosperous.


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