24 octobre 2022



FB_IMG_15328605897370583Do you feel that barriers surround you and prevent you from leading your normal life?
- Do you want to attract more luck into your life?
- Love will run away from you?
- Do you want to win a lawsuit? ........
My rituals and spells will make you find the happiness that you lacked:

1 - Ritual of Bewitching

This ritual will initially free you from this harmful evil negative influence that spoils your life and that suffocates you.
Then I will also recharge you from a distance as quickly as possible your vital forces which you badly need. I will make you find all your potential and all your natural protective magnetism which you currently lack and which are essential to protect you from external negative influences (demons, incurable diseases, fatigue and weakness ... etc ...).

2 - Return to Sender Ritual

If a spell has been cast on you or if you are the object of a curse, this is the ritual for you! I am going to disenchant you first (by the disenchantment ritual) and then return the spell or curse on the one who cast it. If this person is a family member, friend, rival or anyone else, they will suffer the consequences of these acts.

3 - Protection Ritual (much in demand by politicians and businessmen)

With this ritual you will get total protection for life! Any bad plan made against you will never succeed and your enemies will come to confess the bad plan prepared against you. You will be protected from black magic, bad influences and evil spirits etc ...
YOU WILL HAVE TOTAL PROTECTION FROM VAUDOUNS SPIRITS, everywhere you will be assisted and protected spiritually. You will be like a mirror that reflects light, the enemies will reap the consequences of their harmful works (very violent return shock).
After ordering this ritual, a talisman will be designed for you and shipped for even more powerful protection. You have to wear it everywhere you go.

4 - Luck ritual

This ritual will allow you to get sudden luck in the desired field. Do you need luck to sell more? Do you have financing for your company? Are you pursuing a sports career in which you would like to have more success? Then this ritual is for you, it will allow you to force the luck in your favor. By combining for example this ritual with that of work, you will quickly and easily obtain extraordinary results!

5 - Work ritual

Do you have trouble finding a job? This magic ritual will help you find a job for which you are qualified, and for which you will find interest. Whatever your field, you will be in great demand! This is the job that will come to you!

6 - Ritual to win a Trial (very requested)

Are you in trouble with the law? Or maybe you want to sue someone? Then this ritual is for you! It will help you win your lawsuit even if you don't normally have to win it! All your opponents during the trial will become mute because they will not have solid arguments to charge you!
Please contact me for more details. Due to the increasing number of requests for this ritual, I cannot help an average of 3 people per month. So your problem will have to appear genuinely serious for me to help you.

7 - Fate of affection

You love someone ? Would you like him to love you too? This is the spell for you! The person of your choice will feel very strong feelings for you and will beg you to be together. This person will ask you to share an exceptional romantic relationship. If this person is married or cohabiting, you risk breaking them up! Make sure this person is not married!

8 - Loyalty Lot

Cast this love spell to keep the one you love so that it stays true to you. You can also use this spell to help a close friend. Once cast, this spell will allow the person to see more clearly and remain faithful to you.

9 - Return of the loved one

Bring back the one who left you! This extremely powerful spell will bring him back to your feet because he or she will then feel perfect love for you! Don't let your loved one go, there is still time to keep your partner for yourself only!

10 - Spell of Rupture

This spell is very effective. It will allow a person to understand that his happiness is not linked to the one with whom he is. This spell breaks marriages, you can forget the one who left you. You will forget a past love or a broken friendship and move forward more confident



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04 octobre 2022

Gibran, Canada

Gibran, Canada


Grand medium voyant, merci de m'avoir aidé, vous avez fait la difference! Je ne ressens plus cette douleur insurmontable dans mon dos lorsque je me couche. Je n'aurais jamais cru que vous pouviez faire ce travail a distance grâce sur votre poupée vaudou et me rétabliraussi rapidement.
Je vous recontacte rapidement dès que j'ai un peu plus d'argent mais c'est sûr, je veux qu'on continue à travailler ensemble Merci Medium voyant

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L'impuissance ou dysfonctionnement érectile est une situation dans laquelle un homme n'est pas ou plus en mesure d'obtenir, de maintenir une érection de la verge afin d'avoir, de prolonger ou de terminer des rapports sexuels ou toute autre activité sexuelle. L'impuissance est l'un des problèmes sexuels les plus courants chez les hommes et que chaque homme, selon les statistiques, connaîtra d'ailleurs au moins une fois dans sa vie. Les problèmes d'impuissance peuvent se produire à chaque fois qu'il y a une tentative d'avoir une activité sexuelle. Par le terme tentative, on entend aussi bien l'activité sexuelle avec une autre personne qu'un acte de masturbation (onanisme). Les hommes qui souffrent d'impuissance sexuelle se sentent généralement stressés et cet état d'impuissance influe très souvent dans ses relations personnelles avec les autres. Par ailleurs, la plupart des hommes atteints de problèmes d'érection, n'admettent pas leur état d'impuissance : ils ne veulent donc pas en parler, admettre qu'ils ont un problème et se retrouvent gênés voire extrêmement gênés lorsqu'ils doivent parler de leur problème d'impuissance à un tiers ! Notons enfin que, si l'impuissance peut survenir à tout âge, les problèmes d'érection deviennent généralement plus fréquents avec l'âge.

23 août 2022





Pour vous débarrasser de tous vos problèmes il vous permet de vous débarrasser de tout obstacles , de tout soucis , et en général de tout ce qui freine votre prospérité.

comment réaliser ce rituel , vous allumez aprés y voir enroulé un parchemin
sur lequel vous avez inscrit ce dont vous désirez etre débarrassé , Vous serez stupéfaite
par les résultats que vous obtiendrez grace a elle ... vous l'utiliserez a chaque fois que le
besoin se fera sentir , de préférence un samedi. Vous ne serai pas déçu de mes prestations de service.

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You have some problems that are similar to these areas:
- Looking for the woman or the man of your life,
- You never succeed in your life as a couple, it's always relationships that never last,
- You want your ex to come back likes only you,
- Your beautiful family does not concede your relationship or approve of your marriage and or even do not love you.
- Emotional return of the loved one.
- To be loved and accepted by everyone no matter where you are:
* In family,
* At school,
* In the service,
* Among the friends,
*** No matter where you are !!!

- You have the impression that everything is going round around you,
- You do not go to school, to service,
- You are not considered and you never reach your goals and never realize your plans.
- You are desperate for your soul-mate.
- You want to boost your luck.
- Succeed in an exam, a competition, a recruitment.
- Win a job offer.

- You are in debt to the teeth.
- You have strange dreams.
- You have nightmares.
- You are bewitched.
- You have hallucinations.
- You see ghosts.
- You are afraid of the night.
- You need to lose a few pounds.
- Magnetized purse.
- Brilliant success in the trade and in your companies.
- You need spiritual helpers (Prayers, rituals, sacrifices) You are in debt to the teeth.

- You have problems of sterility.
- You have problems with premature ejaculation.
- You have problems with impotence and sexual weakness.
- You are not manly.
- You do not stay long during sex


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le plus grand et puissant maitre marabout du monde fandi

 le plus grand maitre marabout du monde fandi

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