24 août 2022

MÉDIUM SEEING MASTER MARABOUT FANDI,great marabout voodoo of benin

Good morning/Good evening


"My name is BIG MASTER DAH FANDI and I come from Africa all as my own family I am a rare descendant of seven generation wizard of the practice of the very high magic of African voodoo ... I received these powers dice my very early childhood these powers my been giving hereditarily ..

I travel around the world very often to perform my rituals.

my rituals are serious, reliable and bring good results.

my own practices and invisible by no other seer or wizard, trust me you will not risk any backlash or other triple shock in return, because all my rituals are well secured and my job is to carry these fruits without any danger.

My seriousness as my discretion you totally assured "!!!

1-Against witchcraft
2-Against bad luck
3- Magic wallet
4- To be loved
5- Against divorce
6- Divorce provocation
7- Return of marital love
8- Easy Gain

9- Against poison

10- Total powerlessness
11- Against unwanted assignments
12- To occupy a place in society
13- Sex development
14- Menopaus
e Early
15- Epilepsy
16- Sickle cell disease
17- Discussion of woman, man
18- Discussion of the field
19- Heartbeat

20- Ulcers
21- To make a situation less difficult
22- Protection against enemies
23- Against the weakness of a pregnancy
24- Against tetanus
25- Male and female infertility
26- Memory help
27- Soap of luck to go to the exam
28- Azoospermia
29- Against the bewitchments
30- Protection back to the sender
31- Painful Rule
32- Hypotension
33- Hypertension
34- Against tension
35- Mental depression

36- Against attacks
37- This-dems
38- To provoke menstruation
39- To regularize the rules
40- To save a person
41- To avoid making children dead
42- To attract customers
43- For easy engrossing
44- To prevent a woman from going out
45- To be a sorcerer
46- To cure the madness
47- Recipe to make a boy
48- Against waste
49- Against the divorce
50- To take back his wife or husband
51- To be boss at work
52- To have a lot of work
53- To keep his business
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