30 janvier 2023

be rich quick with one ritual

Man and women this is your you:The sacrifice of seven chicks to become rich is a well-known practice in our country. The spirits have a half-man-half-fish appearance, but they are like all spirits capable of changing your life.

These spirits are much used to create powers of physical attraction, excessive wealth, acquisition of a large post.

Even if you ask these spirits something that is beyond their area of ​​expertise, they will contact other minds to satisfy you. You go to the beach an evening when there is no one left to you in your ritual.

You sacrifice the 7 chicks to the sea, and you throw the chicks dead to the sea Then,

comes a moment when the wind will become more violent, and the waves more stubborn, and like a flash, you will see springing water, a charming young lady half-fish will appear do not panic, he can not do anything to you, because by the oil and the many talismans you own (which I will send you by DHL) you will be extraordinarily protected.

While the woman appears,

you have to look it in your eyes.Then you ask him what you want.In general people ask to be very rich very quickly, I even know who asked to become rich on the field !!! arrive at home You will see your room fill up with money (euro, dollar), diamond and gold. It has just given you one of the riches that are under the sea.

This ritual is very effective.

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Le plus grand maître marabout du monde FANDI
Le plus puissant maître marabout du monde FANDI
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Le plus grand maitre marabout du monde FANDI
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Le plus grand maître marabout du monde PAPA FANDI
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