The healer marabout FANDI the great english marabout treats thanks to his particular gifts as well as with the help of personal recipes during shamanic rituals, under the protection and the direction of the holy healers whom he can solicit for the well-being of his many customers. It often occurs when academic medicine can no longer do anything. So, the healer Kader, heir to ancestral practices of traditional African societies, intervenes as a magnetizer, dowser, bone repairer, exorcist … More generally he must see himself as a psychic doctor. *

To be precise, the African healer does not target the cure of the disease itself. Rather, it seeks to restore the balance of vital energy to help activate the self-healing system, which will suppress symptoms. The marabout Kader intervenes on the physical, mental, emotional and above all energetic planes. His practice as a healer cannot be explained on a scientific level. Her plants, her radiant hands, her prayers, etc … are a set of therapies that relieve all ills that cannot be found in medical solutions or in addition to the action of forensic medicine.

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Meet the greatest seer marabout of the world FANDI only at medium of affection return. Solve all your problems and live happily with your loved ones by following the master