He or she no longer likes you, says it, or you guess it in half-words. Will his feelings be revived one day? This is when clairvoyance can guide you at best, while avoiding vain illusions.
I am regularly confronted with this type of questioning: Will or will there not be an emotional feedback from the one that my consultant still likes?

You want to know if YES or NO
Is your love story really over?

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It is then necessary such a mountaineer to work by several stages in clairvoyance, so as to explain:
For what reasons did the other person stop loving (new love, weariness, disappointment, betrayal ...) and will his reasons prove to be lasting (I still don't like him and always for the same reasons) .
Is the person who no longer loves you going to love you again?
If not, then it will be a question of explaining to the person who consults me why the feelings of the other are definitely dead, and describing how the person who no longer loves will continue his life (of course many hope then in a need of ultimate revenge that I indicate to them that whoever no longer loves them will be miserable for life, consumed by regret and despair).
If so, we will have to try to understand why feelings that we thought were dead suddenly reborn, in what way this love click will take place, under what circumstances and especially when?

    My consultant’s husband suddenly left her for a lovely, fiery young Italian girl. The man with whom she was married more than thirty years, who was madly in love with her, and with whom she passes before the judge to finalize their divorce, now looks upon her as an old piece of uninteresting furniture. He doesn't like her anymore, she knows it, it's so obvious! Yes but she, after so many years of marriage, love and bonding, she still loves him and has no plans to start a new life. Which, by the way, I never predict: "I shouldn't tell you, because I know how much you suffer from this separation, but I am sure that your former husband will come back to you." She takes offense: "You know Nathaly, recovering a man who returns out of spite, certainly because his Italian will have dumped him, very little for me! " I say: "No, it will be a real emotional return, your former husband will be in love with you again! " And what seemed to be total science fiction, so much did the husband cooing with happiness with his Latin mistress, nevertheless happened. My consultant and her ex-ex-husband remarried together, not out of spite or resignation, but out of love.

Of course by completing this new article on emotional return and return of affection, I know that many people who have been left will continue in desperation to call on wizards or witches who will promise them an illusory return of affection. Life is like that, it feeds on hopes, even vain ones.

I understand this sadness, this heartbreak when we only live through the memories of a love that has ceased to exist, but knowing through clairvoyance whether there will be an emotional return or not allows us to prepare for the next steps, not to get lost in useless expectations or mirages.

This is what I do every day to do, explain and predict.

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