01 décembre 2019

Grand and powerfull master marabout,true voyant FANDY,medium and Black magic user well know in America

King of ritual belong to money

124983598Hello everyone, you are well at home with the heir son of the king of voodoo and black magic, I will do more than my father said he is conducting research in all areas of life and today he is the youngest marabout seeing dynamic and well loved by his elders: vaudounon fandi junior est is the name that is pupolaire bein, His specialties are: the black magic used in witchcraft, clairvoyance through a mirror, clairvoyance that is pure and clear telling you your past, present and future,
+ work
Love +
+ Protection
+ Love and feeling
+ Feeling and romantic relationship
+ magic and mystical perfume
+ Silencing a problem a court

                                     seeing young and competent medium


Your medium psychic from Africa is competent to analyze your entire living environment. His divinatory visions allow you to anticipate your future and master your destiny. Also, it offers to communicate with the deceased spirits.
The marabout is a fine specialist in romantic relationships and a real advice on your worries in love. He proposes remedies against infidelity and for the emotional return of the beloved. Hissolutions of possession work for the happiness of the couple.





 Quick spell

2000_5d7f8dfa90e99A true shaman sorcerer, this great master of powerful African magic fights against bewitchments, evil spirits, negative waves, women and or night husbands the evil eye or fate that can destroy you every day.

Contact :

+22 995627056
The powerful and young marabout comes from a large Marabout family from Africa. It is a young medium recognized by its community for the wealth of its knowledge and the quality of its results. * The powers of master cover a wide spectrum of possibilities offered by the traditions and values ​​of African maraboutage
 Emotional return - divorce - marriage - exams - luck - driving license - unblocking - désenvoûtement - heritage - fidelity -
The rituals of love, of emotional return, of reconquest of the beloved one allow to exalt all the vows of protection of heart. * The rituals of the marabout are calls to the spiritual forces of nature.

The filters consist of preparations designed to reinforce the rituals of maraboutique magic during a learned and dangerous combination of occult forces. Filters are life-saving potions.

The prayers of the maraboutage concern requests addressed directly to the divine forces to obtain the protective light on oneself and one's relatives. The priest is the mediator with the Almighty.

African Maraboutage
African Marabouting is an occult science that covers a very broad spectrum of possibilities to act on areas such as luck, employment, protection, spells, academic and professional success, etc.


123532326A great African medium, he is an expert on sentimental issues, Professor FANDI has an infallible authority on the return of the loved one quickly and permanently. If your husband or wife has left you, where you want to take a break with a lover, if you love someone inaccessible,

Professor FANDI The heir will make sure that the one you love falls entirely under your spell. He or she will run behind you as no one will ever have done in his life. With his marabout experience, you will be reconciled with the true African and traditional prediction.

Professor FANDY, The African proposes to become your personal marabout, your personal development coach: His great human experience as well as his religious and magical powers help to solve your private or professional existential problems.




TEL:00229 95 62 70 56

WHATSAP:00229 95 62 70 56


African Marabout very powerful

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-12 at 13

Do you love someone sincerely? tell the professor fandy and the one you love will come back without hesitation. Because his occult powers allow the union and the marriage in all discretion and at full speed.
+22 99562 7056
Emotional problems. Break, separation, loss, return of the loved one. Family or professional problems, solve family or professional problems.

here is the demonstration of the magic ritual of money


Black magic and african voodoo, suit case or portefolio with the great marabout Fandi

You get  someone money he or she is disturbing you everytime,you have children and wife to feed ,your busnesses or projets fail,no money to restart,every gates have block:I personally propose you :magic portefolio-puse magic,suit-case,calabash,quick money

the phone number for solving your financial bad situation is

+22 99562 7056

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122402373The first and last remedy TO WIN THE LOVE OF A MAN OR WOMAN. This magic ring is prepared only when all the powers in the past have failed and you have tried everything. This powerful ring was prepared after making several JAPAS and MANTRAS (prayers) by the sea!



Contact:+229 95 62 70 56





real parfume of lucky



I  am the marabout FANDI. I  present the Spiritual parfume to light on your luck,i have realise this pafume to help everybody that want to succeed in competition,rate,succeed in exam etc.....

Call me on +22 995 627 056



good morning or afternoon or good evening depend on the time you contact the site , my name is peter fandi i am the great medium voyant of the world ,the marabout priest voodoo of Benin :i act in many domains such as-make return love,affection return ,protection develop sex,increase  the customers

tel +22 995 627 056

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You  are a businessman  and everything rule well before .now you don't know what happen ,you fall down,you try all your best to go up but no success;today you are reading on my site web ;stop and take my phone number,master voodoo fandi  I can help you to rich the highess level in your category,to achieve goal ,

TEL or WHATSAPP :+229 956 270 56



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How to strengthen your relationship


Before, marriage was an end or a security for the home. But today, things have changed dramatically. So that marriage another time a way to secure homes, has now become the starting point of a new battle for your survival. And the surest way to win this battle is to use the loving works of the master marabouts to strengthen his relationship to maintain love, harmony and lasting happiness in the home.

To do this, your marabout master FANDY a medium of love, a serious and efficient marabout from Africa, a specialist in the problems of the couple and love problems, offers his services to strengthen the marriage bond, strengthen the ties of love, Love or strengthen your love relationship effectively. He has a wide range of love rituals, love magic, spell of love, love spell, love voodoo to identify the problem in your relationship and provide the final solution and effective. Contact the master marabout Dokon, medium and light of love to strengthen your couple and live the happiness of your marriage or your relationship.

  • TEL:+229 95 62 70 56

    WHATSAP:+229 95 62 70 56

    disemboweling of a person, African marabout, efficient marabout, honest marabout, quick marabout, serious marabout, maraboutage, best witch doctor in Africa, best marabout, first marabout of the world, free disembowal ritual



124607194There are several sects in the world of which few people are aware, I come here to expose a divine

 secret that has existed since the dawn of time and that others use it wrongly and wrongly.
 Many mystical sects use different methods, some more dangerous than others.
 In voodoo magic there are rituals with divinities that give you many favors in life:
 glory, wealth, power, and fame. Several politicians, artists, sportsmen and big traders
 call us for their elevations. I present here a ritual money magic wallet that multiplies
the notes that even bankers do not understand.

Have you ever heard of money ritual?
Do you believe in the magic wallet or the magic suitcase?

I present you a demonstration video of the magic wallet that multiplies any banknote.

118555533                                     TEL:+229 95 62 70 56

 WHATSAP:+229 95 62 70 56



Black magic and african voodoo, suit case or portefolio with the great marabout Fandi

This magical wallet that multiplies the bank notes made by the great marabout FANDI is quite different from what you believe because it requires first preliminary work with two deities: Mami wata and Dambala. It is these two deities who provide wealth and who are to be worshiped. The wallet is indeed a reality for those who are willing to accept the adorations of these two deities and it produces millions and millions and you can change your life and the lives of those around you for generations. This provides more than 2,500,000 CFA francs per day at least, the amount varies per person for a period of one to two years renewable. I do not know about others but one thing is to try this with me and you will not be disappointed. The conditions and totems of this magical wallet that multiplies the tickets will be communicated to you if you are really interested.

quick success at the grand marabout medium ,serioux voyant of the world



 I am here to help you remove the myth of poverty from your head and help you unlock the secrets of abundance and wealth My name is stone fandi born of a father, a great marabout hunter and a mother naturally clairante.on this I combine the powers of my late father and my late mother to solve the problems of life: to be lucky, since when you are unlucky nothing will work in your life


                                  Tel:+22995627056                                                                     E-MAIL:mediumfandi@gmail.com                


                               HOW TO FIND A 100% EFFICIENT MEDIUM MARABOUT IN FRANCE


Professor FANDI has the exceptional powers of Marabout clairvoyance that can help you see more clearly your daily worries in the area of ​​love, divorce, the agent, work and business.

Great magic rituals of competent healers of Professor Peter FANDI will accompany you in a total success and will restore you smile
At the touch of her voice, you will feel her incredible supernatural gift that holds secrets and ancestral knowledge

Professional orientation
Taking exams
Successful competition
Driving license successful
Nothing happens in your life despite your efforts to get away from it
Do you suffer a spell? or you have a blockage?
Are you possessed by night husbands?
You want to be loved by your bosses?
You want to attract the love of a man or a woman?
You want to return your ex?
Do you want to have custody of your children after the divorce?
Do you want solutions to resolve family conflicts?
Want to get your papers or visa for traveling?

I work tirelessly on all your problems, even in the most desperate cases. Magic, voodoo sorcery, African rituals and rituals are rooted in my genes.
The results I got for my patients are always positive. My pairs recognize me as one of the greatest middle marabouts in France of the last 10 years. Indeed, by consulting me, you have about 99.99% chance of succeeding your rituals and your consultations.

THe most powerfull voyance is with master fandi  voodoo


TEL:+229 95 62 70 56

 WHATSAP:+229 95 62 70 56





 This is a very powerful TALISMAN, when you keep this TALISMAN in your wallet you will have a lot of money in your wallet and it will never be empty no matter what the expenses are, it will be full of new banknotes

NB: This TALISMAN has lots of power to attract money to his wearer.

The cost of this TALISMAN MYSTIQUE is 450 €

Grand Master FANDY sam marabout at your service every day

 Phone / Watsapp:+22 995627056



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