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Ritual of Black Magic to Attract the Money and Wealth of the Master Marabout FANDY This is a truly potent black magic ritual for having money. A good time for a spell to attract money is a full moon night where the energies are at the highest.

Rituel de magie noire pour attirer l'argentThe ingredients for this black magic ritual to attract money: a white candle, 13 coins of the same value, matches. Performing the Black Magic Ritual to Get Money and Get Rid of Poverty Black Magic to Get Money Take 13 coins of equal value. All coins must be minted in the odd year. Light the candle with the matches.
Put all the coins between the palms of your hands and shake them. Then throw the coins on the table. Collect all the coins, falling by one pile and shake again and throw them on the table. Do so until a room remains.

If during the last stage, there is no room left by the stack, then, you have to do the ritual in another day. Say the magic formula to always have money three times out loud. Turn off the candle.

Put this last coin in your wallet and never spend it to attract money. Magic formula of ritual to always have money: The spell will manifest in a fortnight.

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